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Handcuffs and pjs.
Monkey escapes from owner in Texas
Double jeopardy.
'May the 4th be with you'
Couple wed aboard airplane after flight cancellation
Dejesus take the wheel.
What's worse than finding a spider in your shoe?
There is a reason people are afraid of dentists.
Say yes to the dress.
Driverless car pulled over by police in San Francisco
Mystery foam identified
Dummy Downhill a smashing success
When you've beaten the odds, don't go back for more.
Snake wine bites back.
A small price to pay for freedom.
Most bizarre excuses for calling off sick.
Kids gotta learn sometime.
Another reason not to shake hands with alligators.
That's not the way to get a head.
There is an easier way to rob men.
'Waiter, there's a pearl in my clams.'
Buggying under the influence.
There are few problems that can't be solved with enough punching.
Exhibitionism in Fla.
Forget sand traps; here's a real golf hazard.
Enterprising youths.
The WRONG way to put out a fire.
Ice skating dog a big hit.
Faith, hope and love.
Stickiest man in the world breaks record
TikTok strikes again.
Sausages; is there anything they can't do?
Baked beans scam foiled.
Deputy wrangles loose horse
Cops fired for playing Pokemon Go on duty.
Be careful what you call your wife in bed.
Heart attack scare kills lucrative fart business
Top 10 bizarre stories of 2021
Surfer attacked off the coast of Hawaii... by a pig.
All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.
And if you believe that I have a stolen bridge to sell you.
This is just sound financial planning.
When the mood strikes.
This kind of thing just doesn't happen in America.
Battle of the bum.
This guy really hates spiders.
One of the risks you run when you keep a pet turkey.
Which Group Is Full of Complete Idiots?