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If you're going to drive drunk, at least wear pants.
If the leash fits, you must acquit.
Don't trust the cell phone towers.
Plane makes 'miraculous' landing on Florida beach
Even Arnold Schwarzenegger knows not to stow away in a wheel well.
Teen mob attacks homeowner.
One of the risks involved with dating married women.
Santa Claus rescued from power lines
N@ked panda caught rollerblading on highway.
D@mn auto-correct.
A bouncing, baby boy.
World's first 'Star Wars'-inspired lightsaber
California monolith third to appear and disappear
103-year-old time capsule found in New York
Waste not want not.
That's one lucky catastrophe.
James Bond this guy is not.
The old exploding toilet gag.
Jo Baiden enjoys new-found fame after election.
Texas man shot by best friend.
Seance draws 9,000 viewers
That's a lot of of fake blood.
Texas party poopers ruin Halloween.
Of all the places to stick your head.
'The victim was covered in pumpkin seeds and pulp.'
Brazilian senator caught stealing everything butt cash.
'Scary kitty' stalks jogger for 6 minutes.
There are easier ways to get to Tampa.
Horse girl is not what you think. Probably.
Finally, a good reason to watch politics, at least in Argentina.
'Get your booty to the polls.'
When you're kinky but also cheap.
Ig Nobel Prizes awarded for poop knives and helium gator.
Apparently it's true; men ARE trash.
Taser beats sword.
Up, up and away.
Rocketeer spotted in Los Angeles.
Florida and guns is a bad mix.
'Skeletor' has ears removed in extreme body modification.
Beer. Is there anything it can't do?
Home Depot now has a drive-in?
Rapunzel's got nothing on this girl.
South African golfer loses his balls.
Man's marriage proposal goes up in flames.
Hat related crimes up in Pennsylvania.
That must have been one blistered bat-wing.
What does furniture moving have to do with mountain climbing?
A $5.7 million handshake.