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Warning: harmful language.
A hot new trend; speed-toading.
Decongestant orgasms and upside-down rhinos.
N@ked woman invades crime scene.
Are women really bad drivers?
Giant spiders need love too.
Job offer rescinded after applicant sends explicit selfies
There is no statute of limitations on a payday.
That's a lot of duck.
Rob my marijuana dispensary? That's a kidnapping.
Is it racist?
Fish with human teeth caught in NC
Doctor, doctor, give me the news.
Parents of the year play it safe.
That's what I call a wishing well.
Police arrest sewer 'divers'.
Treasure hunters find 69-year-old whiskey at the bottom of a lake
A worse habit than nail-biting.
That's a lot of balls.
House breaker cleans house before he leaves.
Florida woman didn't realize she'd been shot
Driver pulled over with satellite dish on hood
A hunk of burnin' love.
Look! Up in the sky.
Firefighters rescue teen from bank vault
Nobody likes to be sat on when they are high.
Imagine all the places you could get wind burn.
She Shoplifted 'Til She Dropped
Right in the yabos.
Driver stuck on golf course was following GPS
Crater of Diamonds visitor makes 2.2-carat discovery
Jet suit inventor breaks three world records
Hundreds visit abandoned gas station to view corpse
Firearms instructor shot in the face.
Teenager chokes the chicken.
Baby punchings are up in Australia.
Be careful of who you complain to in Tennessee.
'We Walked Into A Nightmare.'
You will not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.
It's a boy.
This isn't the creepiest thing ever.
4 slashed tires and a finger.
Fireball lights up night sky over Florida
Furry fugitives on the loose in Cincinnati.
They love their Cheerios in Minnesota.
Velveeta releases cheese-based skin care products.
Teenager builds backyard roller coaster
Honey, I'm home.
Russian man makes extreme rump jump.