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The Swiss are down to keep a good man hard.
Florida woman exercises her right to bare more than arms.
We should have seen this one coming.
Drive-thru strip club. That is all.
There are easier ways to get a drink than what this maniac tried.
No Sunset For You.
And you thought filling a skatepark with sand was stupid.
When simple nylons just won't do it.
Breast implants; is there anything they can't do?
And you thought drive-thru liquor stores were the most American thing ever.
It's faster than waxing, but a little more dangerous.
Win 8 million, lose 8 million.
Bar cashes in on unusual wall art.
He pulls a muzzle-loading pistol, you pull a shovel. It's the Michigan way.
Can you sink a ship with a train? Almost.
Bubble boy finds love amid virus crisis.
It's all funny until somebody loses 35,000 dollars.
The pandemic running man and what are you stocking up on?
Who buys a head?
People are starting to panic, but somebody thought ahead.
Woman seeks Guinness record for her beaver
2 people narrowly escape cannabis explosion.
Italian village's water pipes run wine.
Bible vs. b0obs.
Never assume it's squirrels.
What's the best birthday gift a girl can give her boyfriend?
Marriage or slavery; it's a fine line.
When you shouldn't bring your work home with you.
Maybe money can buy love.
Woman gets rear ended while texting.
Man burns his ex-wife in divorce.
Getting drugs in prison isn't easy.
With friends like this, who needs enemies?
Killer needlefish almost takes boy's life.
That's what they need in California; drunk fish.
If you're determined to go, this is a good way to do it.
Why it pays to check your sofa cushions.
Divorce is about to get medieval in Iowa.
Proudly clinging to my guns and Bible.
Who gives their kid a magnifying glass for Christmas?
Bad haircut; that's a shootin'.
Now here's a great way to meet women.
Middle-school soccer coach gives lap dancing lessons.
Santa among dozens injured during Christmas stampede.
When you absolutely, positively have to hide 300 dollars quick.
Santa's reindeer better stay the he11 out of Alaska.
An Australian Christmas story.
Let it go, let it go, Can't hold it back anymore.
There's gross and then there's what this guy did.