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The wrong way to tame an alligator.
Internet Encourages 12-year-old to Set Himself On Fire.
That's German Engineering For You.
There are easier ways to commit suicide.
It's never a good idea to eat a cop's donuts.
Watch out, boys, she's a biter.
It's hard to drive with a snake wrapped around your neck.
Bicycling Under the Influence Leads to F_____ under the Influence.
The hard part about skydiving.
The 30-Hour Coffin Challenge.
That's doggone lucky.
Be careful what kind of girls you find on the Internet.
Suggestively-named town fights with adult toy company
Space crimes.
This is the kind of women you find in Kansas City.
Garbage pick turns into sword fight. Are you not entertained?
Miracle woman survives 5,000 foot fall.
'Oh yeah...'
Atomik Vodka
Hoverboard Inventor Makes Another Landmark Flight.
Love is a lesb!an battlefield.
Death By Banana?
Today's Issue: Drunks and Frankenstein Monsters
Naiked Bicyclists Attacked.
When P-rn Turns Deadly.
Colorado Dogs Getting High As Sh_t.
The Wrong Way To Do a Carpool.
Woman regrets taking caulk in her behind.
Never a good place to dump your wad.
Apparently attack squirrels are more aggressive on meth.
You Thought Teacher-Student Affairs Were Bad.
Missed It By That Much.
Did you know you're washing with fat?
A Diploma Doesn't Mean You're Smart.
Dad vs. shark
ATMs do not take those kinds of deposits.
How do you fit a laptop in a G-string?
Ball gags and larceny; the fun of modern dating.
The lesson here is; never do anything.
Finding a treasure or two at a garage sale.
The Napoleon of crime this guy is not.
There's a time and a place for naked pushups. Traffic isn't it.
'This ain't good.'
McDonald's Dogged Over Breastfeeding Suit.
You Are What You Eat
Looking for love in all the wrong places.
Franken-ginas are a thing now.
It's true, the police have no obligation to protect you.
It's the scourge of the 21st century, and it just turned deadly.
Easter Bunny claims he's not a violent person.