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Leave it to Miller High Life to make a product that tastes like garbage.
The lesson here is don't get pass-out drunk in Bolivia.
Mass diver had a whale of a time off Cape Cod
Yes, it's International Beer Day.
18-year-old arrested for practicing medicine without a license.
Holy mackerel! Septuagenarian penetrated in the groin.
S.W.I. (Scooting While Intoxicated)
Assault with a deadly reptile.
Man uses his nose to push a peanut up a mountain
Chains of love turn into police handcuffs.
Man finds $1,000 in money from 1934 under porch
You have to expect this at a trailer park cookout.
There is nothing like young love, except maybe petty larceny.
Move over toilet wine, Singapore introduces sewage beer.
Just in time for Independence Day.
Chinese researchers build 'mind reading' device
Look at how well it's working in China.
Baby-Jumping Festival.
This is why you shouldn't let dogs cook.
Indiana anglers find adult toy in catfish's stomach
Here's a recipe for disaster.
Top 10 Bizarre Stories from Great Britain
When a pretty good weekend turns bad.
Couple convert helicopter into 'helicamper'
California will lead the break-up of the US
Science marches on.
Handcuffs and pjs.
Monkey escapes from owner in Texas
Double jeopardy.
'May the 4th be with you'
Couple wed aboard airplane after flight cancellation
Dejesus take the wheel.
What's worse than finding a spider in your shoe?
There is a reason people are afraid of dentists.
Say yes to the dress.
Driverless car pulled over by police in San Francisco
Mystery foam identified
Dummy Downhill a smashing success
When you've beaten the odds, don't go back for more.
Snake wine bites back.
A small price to pay for freedom.
Most bizarre excuses for calling off sick.
Kids gotta learn sometime.
Another reason not to shake hands with alligators.
That's not the way to get a head.
There is an easier way to rob men.
'Waiter, there's a pearl in my clams.'
Buggying under the influence.