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Friday, June 27, 2014

Greetings Bible Enthusiast!

How have you enjoyed your first full week of summer? Hot, isn't it? Well, we have just the thing to make all of those hot summer days a lot more comfortable!

Since we introduced the Chilly Towel more than three years ago we have sold hundreds of thousands of them. It's become the go-to product for beating the heat.

We just got more in stock... but the BIG NEWS is we also have two new Chilly products to introduce. Now you can get, not one, but three different Chilly Towel Products that promise to keep you cool all day long.

Original Chilly Towel - $9.99 (2 for $13.98) : One of our best selling items, this is our original Chilly Thing with a size of 27"x18". It has the most surface area and can be used many different ways.

Chilly Scarf - $7.99 (2 for $11.98): Perfect size for wearing around your neck or as a head band... any one who spends anytime outside in the heat love the versatility of the Chilly Scarf. At 48" long you can do so much with it. (48" long x 4" wide)

Mini Chilly - $4.99 (2 for $7.98): The smallest and cheapest of the bunch. At a size of 13" long x 8" wide and the low price these are great for kids and are convenient to take anywhere.

What's even better is our special pricing. When you buy multiples of these towels (yes you can mix and match any of them) you'll save more!

What Are They?
These towels are made of a super-absorbent shammy-like weave. All you do is soak it in any-temperature water for a bit, wring the excess water out - and shake it. Seriously - shake it, and whirl it through the air a few times to let the magic happen. The towel is made of a hyper-evaporative material that actually cools down as the water dries out. After a few shakes it downright feels ICY-COLD!

- Super-Absorbent Material Stays Dry
- Reusable and Washable (Let it Air-Dry)
- Hyper-Evaporative Properties Make It Cool
- Just Soak, Wring, Shake
- Non-Toxic
- Resealable Containers For Later Use

It's great for all indoor and outdoor sports, walking/running, gardening, or just keeping cool. Grab some for the kids in their summer leagues - it's safe for them, and they will love shaking the towel. Watch our video and get more info on our site.

Now, we have an exclusive deal with the manufacturer on this, so you won't find these Chilly Towel anywhere else! Make sure you pick up a few.

Get a Chilly Thing of your Choice by visiting our site... the prices can't be beat and these are all the OFFICIAL Chilly Towel Brand.

Thank you for taking the time to read this special issue and enjoy using your Chilly Towels!

God Bless You!

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