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I was happy to hear that Tom Hanks' fact-based, flight drama Sully was the No. 1 movie in North America, earning $35.5 million in receipts over the weekend.

When I heard that this movie was going to be made I didn't think it would amount to much, but the trailers, reviews and now the box office has me interested enough to get to the theater for a little look-see.

Did you see 'Sully'? Are you interesting in seeing 'Sully'? Did you think 'Sully' was movie about Ben Affleck's character from 'Good Will Hunting'?

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Transgender actress Alexis Arquette dies at 47
Transgender actress Alexis Arquette died Sunday at the age of 47.

The Wedding Singer and Blended alum was the sibling of film stars Patricia Arquette, David Arquette and Rosanna Arquette.

People magazine confirmed Alexis' death with the agent of her brother Richmond, but the cause was not disclosed.

Richmond first announced his sister had died on Facebook.

"Our brother Robert, who became our brother Alexis, who became our sister Alexis, who became our brother Alexis, passed this morning September 11, at 12:32 am. He was surrounded by all of his brothers and sisters, one of his nieces and several other loved ones. We were playing music for him and he passed during David Bowie's Starman. As per his wishes, we cheered at the moment that he transitioned to another dimension," Richmond explained.

"I am feeling immense gratitude to have been afforded the luxury of sharing life with him/her, for learning from Alexis, for being given the gift of being able to love her/him and to be loved by him/her. He was a force. He died as he lived, on his own terms. I am immensely grateful that it was fast and painless. It was an incredibly moving experience and I am humbled and grateful to have been able to have been with him as he began his journey onward. Thank you, Alexis, I love you and will love you always."

The Princess Bride icon Cary Elwes was quick to express his condolences to the Arquettes.

"Farewell #Alexis. May angels guide you on your journey. We will miss you. Sending all love to the #Arquette family Rosanna Arquette Patricia Arquette David Arquette Richmond Arquette #starman," Elwes said in a Facebook post.

"Hung around for a while. And didn't get any takers. Guess I was a little too dusty."
--Scott Eastwood, posing at a kissing booth at Burning Man, on Instagram

??? Guess Who ???

Which supermodel said that she will 'never' have plastic surgery?

Katy Perry: I'll work with Taylor Swift if she apologizes
Katy Perry is open to working with Taylor Swift... on one condition.

The 31-year-old singer told fans in a tweet Saturday that she's willing to collaborate with Swift if the 26-year-old star apologizes for their reported feud.

"If she says sorry, sure!" Perry wrote in response to a fan asking, "Will you collab with Taylor Swift?"

Perry's conflict with Swift began in 2014 when Swift hinted to Rolling Stone that her song "Bad Blood" is about a fellow singer. Swift claimed the unnamed person nearly destroyed a headlining tour.

"She did something so horrible. I was like, 'Oh, we're just straight-up enemies.' And it wasn't even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me," the star said.

Social media users speculated Swift was talking about Perry, who tweeted, "Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing," a day after the interview was published. Perry later told Billboard, "If someone is trying to defame my character, you're going to hear about it."

Most recently, Swift's ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, appeared to confirm the feud by saying Swift was trying to "bury" him "like Katy" by revealing she wrote his song "This is What You Came For." Perry subsequently tweeted a gif of Hillary Clinton making a face and shrugging.

??? Guess Who ???

Which supermodel said that she will 'never' have plastic surgery?

Christy Turlington says she will never change her appearance with plastic surgery.

The 47-year-old supermodel admitted she thinks plastic surgery looks "freaky" while discussing aging in the October issue of Town & Country magazine.

"Never," Turlington declared. "For years these things didn't even exist: collagen, fat cells, the crazy stuff people do I cannot imagine. First of all, I have no time. Second of all, I don't think it looks good."

"Maybe I would think differently if I thought it looked good and it didn't hurt and it didn't send bad messages to young people. But I've never seem someone who I've been like, 'Oh, that's a good idea.' It looks freaky to me," she confessed.

Turlington, who skyrocketed to fame as a model in the 1990s, told the publication she is focused on family and personal pursuits rather than her looks. She plans to celebrate each coming birthday in a new place, with Chile at the top of her list.

"I wasn't worried about aging at 16, and I'm not worried about it at 47. It's a fact of life," the star said. "Being who you are, being your best self, has nothing to do with what you look like."

Turlington had shared similar sentiments about aging in a promotional video for Imedeen released in April 2014. The model was named the new face of the nutritional supplements company in January of that year.

"There are no negatives about getting older, honestly. The older I get, the more comfortable in my skin I am. It's much more me," she said in the ad.

Turlington married actor Edward Burns in San Francisco, Calif., in 2010. The couple share two children, 12-year-old daughter Grace and 10-year-old son Finn.

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