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Adele says she's 'off to have another baby'
Adele wrapped the North American leg of her world tour in Phoenix on Tuesday and ended the show with an announcement: "I'm going to have another baby."

"In a couple of years I'll be back," she told the sold-out crowd. "You won't be able to get rid of me."

Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki are already parents to 4-year-old Angelo. The Grammy-winning singer announced during a performance in July that she and Konecki were considering another child once the tour is over.

"My son is about to turn 4 very, very soon," she said. "I'm starting to get very emotional about it because I feel like once they turn 4 they're not really your actual baby anymore. So my womb is starting to ache a little bit. It's like, 'Baby, baby, baby. Need a baby, need a baby."

"I'm not pregnant," she added. "I won't get pregnant until the end of the tour."

Adele is set to travel to Australia and New Zealand for additional tour dates in March 2017.

"I'm just as boring and frustrating as I ever was."
--Colin Farrell, on whether his kids see him as a cool dad since starring in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, to PEOPLE

??? Guess Who ???

Which Academy Award winning actress says she is Emma Stone's 'biggest fan'?

Stars send support to hospitalized Kanye West
Kanye West's fellow stars are offering their well wishes and support during his recent hospitalization and slamming those who are making jokes about the rapper.

West was hospitalized Monday for reportedly "acting erratically" while at his trainer's house in Los Angeles.

Since news of West's unknown illness broke, celebrities have been tweeting him their well wishes and calling for compassion from the people who are making jokes about the situation.

"The easy thing to do is make Kanye West jokes. The compassionate thing to do is hope he's ok and gets the help he needs," tweeted Andy Lassner, Executive Producer of The Ellen Show.

Singer Janelle Monae said she is praying for West.


Actor Emile Hirsch wished West well and said he can relate to West's situation.

"Hey @kanyewest, get better man! People are making jokes right now, but having been there myself, I hope he gets the help he needs," Hirsch wrote.

Marlon Wayans asked his followers to remember West's humanity during his struggle.

"And I hope u all pray for @kanyewest too. He's not just an artist but he's a father, a son a husband and above [all] human. Get well soon," he tweeted.

An unknown source revealed that West is reportedly "suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation."

??? Guess Who ???

Which Academy Award winning actress says she is Emma Stone's 'biggest fan'?

Jennifer Lawrence gushed about her friendship with Emma Stone and their shared love of acting, calling herself Stone's "biggest fan."

"I love my job," Lawrence said in an interview with Vanity Fair. "I don't know what I would be without acting. So if there is someone who loves the same thing, it should bring us closer. But it depends on how that person is, and Emma is so normal and lovely."

Lawrence revealed the two met through Woody Harrelson, who starred with Lawrence in The Hunger Games and Stone in Zombieland.

"She texted me that she got my number from Woody. I replied '[expletive] off!' And we've been really good friends ever since," Lawrence said.

Lawrence also joked about the female movie star stereotypes that two leading ladies can't be friends without jealousy.

"If I wasn't her biggest fan, I would've Tonya Harding'd her in the kneecaps," Lawrence said.

Stone said that her friendship with Lawrence helped her realize there is a lot of room at the top.

"She may not even know this, but there was definitely a time early on when I was like 'OH HEY MY EGO IS GOING NUTS SHE'S SO GREAT AND VIBRANT AND TALENTED I'M SCREWED I'LL NEVER WORK AGAIN GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD,'" Stone said about the early stages of their friendship. "Then I chilled the [expletive] out and remembered we're completely different and there's room for everyone, even if it's an industry that doesn't really seem to support that idea up front."

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