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Brrrr, winter is fast approaching. Are you prepared?

I may be a little bias because I love Laplander hats (with the ear flaps and fuzzy ball on top) but these neon ones are awesome!

The price at PulseTV is incredible on these hats, head on over at get a couple today!

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1:

A natural alternative to bleach, hydrogen peroxide can be
added to the wash to brighten whites, directly to a stain to remove it, or to a bucket of hot water and vinegar to clean and disinfect floors. You can spray hydrogen peroxide directly on chopping boards, counters, bathroom surfaces or eating surfaces to remove germs and bacteria, and you can keep toothbrushes germ free with a regular soak in hydrogen peroxide (just keep them out of reach of children while they are soaking.)


Hint 2: Honey mask (for all skin types)

Apply a thin layer of honey to the room temperature moderate to moist skin, and stay that way for 5 minutes. Carefully washed with warm water, then with cold water, then use a towel if it is still stick.

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