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A terrific grease buster, eucalyptus oil can also be safely
added to a bucket of hot water and vinegar for mopping floors, or to a load of washing to kill dust mites (and give a delicious scent to your washing!) You can also make your own room refresher spray by mixing a quarter of a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil with a half teaspoon of vodka and two cups of water in a spray bottle.

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Need to ripen tomatoes in a hurry? Just wrap them in a bit
of newspaper, and leave them out on the counter. This trick works for green tomatoes, too.


To preserve summer herbs for winter soups and stews, make herb cubes in the freezer. Chop up your herbs and place them in ice cube trays, then cover with water and freeze. To preserve the color and flavor, use boiling water to fill the tray (this blanches the herbs). Some herbs, like cilantro, keep better when frozen in oil. Mince the herb in a food processor, then introduce olive oil until you produce a fine puree. Pour into ice cube trays or bags and freeze. When introducing the frozen herbs to recipes, remember that they contain water or oil. If this will throw off the recipe's consistency, thaw and drain the cubes first.

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