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Saturday, May 22, 2015

Hello Music lovers,

Sometimes you’d rather listen to some retro instruments, all the way back to the days of classical music. To me, some of the most interesting sounds come from cellos. They’ve got incredible range, and can be used for many genres.

The duo, 2Cellos has perfected the art of taking more contemporary rock songs and playing them amazingly with nothing but their . . . 2 Cellos. Here’s a great cover of Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses.


Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
2Cellos Welcome to The Jungle
Here’s a great cover version of the Guns n Roses hit.

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Last Week’s Video:
Paul McCartney and Nirvana
For the Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert on 12.12.12, Paul McCartney jammed with the surviving members of Nirvana for a brand new song, Cut Me Some Slack.

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