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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

I still have not been to Nashville - I watched a fantastic episode of Dave Grohls Sonic Highways that really broke down the rich musical history in a super entertaining way. I never really considered myself a country music fan, but there are certain songs and artists that always make me tap my toes. Out of curiosity, I wondered what there was to do in this city if you weren’t the biggest Garth Brooks fan… good thing it turns out that there is plenty to do!

Pleasant Watching,
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10 Things To Do In Nashville
Even if you dont like country music, there is a ton to do in one of Americas most interesting cities!

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Star Wars Christmas House
One fan in California decided to light up his Christmas with a Star Wars theme. And he did goof around with 70,000 LEDs accompanying all your Star Wars favorites.

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